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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 01:17 pm)
Gizmodo used a picture of me from [ profile] palingyuan and [ profile] oidhche's Halloween party, when [ profile] jedimentat and I dressed up as tourists for [ profile] whymercy/[ profile] darkhand's Gilligan's Island themed party later on in the evening. They shopped Larry the Cable Guy over [ profile] runstaverun, which would have given the party a different feeling if that had really happened.

And here I thought this would be the most viewed picture from the set.
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:15:05 PM):
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:15:06 PM): ?
[ profile] kingfox (1:15:24 PM): HOLY COW
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:15:51 PM): I wasn't sure if it was really you
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:16:00 PM): where the hell'd they get the picture?
[ profile] kingfox (1:16:15 PM): Read the page.
[ profile] kingfox (1:16:21 PM): It says image via Flickr, and links back to my picture.
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:16:51 PM): I don't think they used your license correctly, as this is a derivative work
[ profile] kingfox (1:18:08 PM): I guess they just looked for the tag "flasher"
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:18:11 PM): I just feel bad for [ profile] runstaverun, really



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