Discussed the game with the two students working the helpdesk while nabbing a donut. One joked that he'd ask where I was, but it being an open ended game, that wouldn't matter. But despite it being an open ended game, we realized we were all on the same exact side quest, and on the same step of the same side quest.

That being said, it's fun. Expected it to be a bit bigger, but I'm used to the scope of the past two four three. Combat's fun, not at all what I feared. The FPS-ish post-apocalyptic feel has me thinking I'm playing Half-Life 3 more often than Fallout 3, but that's just a mental association with theme and stylization. So far, having only played it for an evening, I dig.

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Thinking of Half-Life 2

I blame the Garden gnomes.
Goddamned garden gnomes make me think of HL2.
But otherwise - yes, its Oblivion with guns to some extent.
But I f-ing loved Oblivion and once worked for awhile on using the toolkit to make Shadowrun with Oblivion engine. Too ambitious a project, but still.

So far, Fallout 3. Eats. My. Soul.


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