My Pip-Boy 3000 didn't adjust for DST! If Black Isle Studios had done it, clearly it would have.

This day? The day of more sleep? The best day of the year. Better than my birthday, Halloween, New Year's Eve, Christmas, and all the rest.

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I'm jealous.

My laptop can't run it, and I spent the weekend at [ profile] jedimentat's place.

Saturday night we went to [ profile] whymercy and [ profile] darkhand's Halloween party. The latter, at one point, turned on Fallout 3 on his large television. [ profile] jedimentat watched the game for a bit, "ooh"ed and "aah"ed over it, and noted that I must really love her if I'm spending time with her instead of playing it.

Which is true.

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with a name like "jedimentat," I'm surprised she doesn't have the game herself!

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Turns out the handle's making the Dune reference, not the Fallout reference. Which is disappointing, but not that much.

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Smoothskins? Here? We don't usually get your kind down here.


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