Hey [livejournal.com profile] redvector, two people are already in line. This could have been us.

From: [identity profile] redvector.livejournal.com

the Jersey City Newport Centre Mall will be just as glamourous, I assure you.

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

What about the Hoboken Gamestop launch?

Nope. The NYC Best Buy location will have Blizzard employees, has some giant honkin' displays, and will have lots of extra copies of the CE (whole reason I wanted to go).

But alas, I'll just get my copies through the mail tomorrow and go to bed early tonight, crying myself to sleep and waking myself up to the sound of my own jealous screams.

From: [identity profile] redvector.livejournal.com

yeah, I still have "get a haircut" and "find my good pants" above that on the ol' priority list. maybe even "shave," who knows?

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

You can get a haircut in most cities (I use UC). My good pants drop off the Illidari Council. As for shave? Who knows indeed.

From: [identity profile] redvector.livejournal.com

noob, the paladin T6 pants are shit compared to even the 2.3 badge pants. once I got my 4pt6 from belt and bracers I threw them into the river.

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

I said "my" good pants.

And I know Brutallus drops better pants, I just never got 'em.

From: [identity profile] daylami.livejournal.com

My floater is trying to get me to play WoW. The problem is, I'm afraid I might like it, and I spend too much time going blind in the computer nook as it is, sans laptop and all.

Harvest Moon, on the other hand, is all relaxing and sheeit with the two-handed Wiimote/nunchuck setup...I play for six hours and wind up shipping yams in my dreams all night long.

From: [identity profile] csmole.livejournal.com

I learnt my lesson after spending a good 2 hours in line behind a guy who smelled like rancid milk at the BC launch. I dunno if i'll even get my copy first day, I'm working full-time with zero opportunity to raid now, and there's SO MUCH GOOD STUFF being released this holiday season.


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