Thank you so much, [ profile] towelboy, for posting these. [ profile] petemagyar and I have been cracking up at them tonight.

Fabulous Confabulations - S1E02 - APATHY AT DREW from on Vimeo.

Fabulous Confabulations - S1E04 - SGA from on Vimeo.

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Little baby [ profile] kingfox, [ profile] fmrflyboy, [ profile] feffthekidd, [ profile] petemagyar, [ profile] thelusciousone, etc. just cracks the hell out of me.

Over a decade old, those videos. Wow.

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you are SOOOO cute! and you still use the same hand-motions! and you said "determinated"

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There's more of me here, here (with Aaron Kliger), here, and here.

The last one I just checked a random section to catch myself sitting next to a Womyn's Concerns member, wearing a leather vest and a shirt that says MASTER, giving the camera a lewd wink.

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*grumps* I just spent a good half hour scouring the CNS website, trying to find info or an email address or something...and then I remembered that I know you, and figured I could appeal to your good nature and our mutual love of Warcraft for help D:

I forgot my password for my Drew-issue computer, and I never got the Novell stuff off (oops...I blame it on my thesis). Is there any way I can a) get my password or b) remotely remove the software without deleting my files?

Also, holy crap, those videos brought back memories XD I miss undergrad. You were smart to stick around :p

Sorry to hack your LJ with computer questions. I'm just lost, and I want my screen shots >.>

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Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I kept on forgetting to do so.

Your best bet is probably to get in as the local Administrator on the machine, since your usual account is a domain account - and not something we can reset for you unless you're physically connected to our network. Since you're way up there, that wouldn't be easy for you.

Shoot an email to me (rsprague at drew), and I'll give you the Administrator password we have on record for your computer.