Image sent out. Insurance taken care of. Car inspected. Packed. CDs ripped, [ profile] jenniever's copying them to a player. Directions and boarding passes printed, books picked out, everything taken care of. Read the wonderful itinerary [ profile] jenniever's planned for us here. We'll be going to the pride parade in Seattle, going to Chelan, seeing Vancouver, visiting Microsoft, and will spend a week with e-friends.
Soon enough we'll be seeing [ profile] graye, [ profile] spicyeggplant, [ profile] malahat, [ profile] brendle, [ profile] infraredelf, and all the other crazy [ profile] victoria_bc residents. We'll have excellent sushi, go camping at Tofino with a pack of drunken Canucks, and see what the town I've heard so much about for years has to offer.

For an idea of what I'm looking forward to, check out these shots or random stranger's shots. Breathtaking, ain't it? Maybe I won't die due to lack of bandwidth.

I'd like to say that you'll see plenty of posts from me, but we both know that isn't true. You still haven't seen my [ profile] wideathtrip recap, let alone a recap of the Weekend of Roger Clyne. So, if you want to see what's going on, watch [ profile] kingfox_flickr for a slew of naturey photos with trees and beavers and shit. Or, if you want good photos, watch [ profile] grayeflickr. You might see our hero in a random shot or two.

Also, before I go, you should take part in this poll. Be good, all of you!
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( Jun. 21st, 2005 11:47 am)
Dear [ profile] graye, [ profile] spicyeggplant, [ profile] malahat, and crew,

Like, what should I bring?

Obviously I should grab some toiletries (plenty of contacts this time unlike [ profile] wideathtrip), camping supplies, and clothing. What's the dress code for the time spent there? I want to hit one of the ``finest sushi in the world'' joints, and otherwise see what the area has to offer. Barring any crazy place like the Safehouse where I should dress in a particular way, what's the norm? Camping, obviously, I can dress down for.

What else should I bring along?

[ profile] jenniever, what's the dress code for our side of the border? I know you've got relatives and friends and all these random people we're staying with/visiting/whatever. Will they drag us out to black-tie affairs? Should I bring my shiny fancy proper shoes at all? What's the dress code for the Microsoft campus? I think one of my suits needs dry cleaned.

Is there anything from this location, the center of the universe, that people might want exported by hand? Bagels and pork roll won't make it to Vancouver, much less Victoria.


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