Just tried Miracle fruit tabs from ThinkGeek. Holy cow are they amazing. Fantastic. Need to do them again, with people. Need people to come over, with a variety of things to try. LFG 4 flavor party, PST.

LimeThe most amazingly sweet and flavorful limeade you could ever imagine. Yeah, I love limes. My favorite fruit after mangoes. But holy cow, it was like a sweet lime explosion in my mouth.
LemonSimilar to limes. Amazing sweet awesome lemonade. Next time I'll have to mix the two and produce an all-natural Sprite.
Soda breadTasted like... plain old soda bread. Oh well. I mostly purchased it to soak up all the acid I knew I was going to be eating, to avoid the upset stomach that many had reported from ODing on citrus while under miraculin's effects.
GherkinsNothing different. Oh well.
GuinnessImagine a root beer float, made of awesome. I still maintain that Guinness floats taste awesome (I know that's an insulting sacrilege to some people), but this tasted like that - despite the lack of ice cream. Wow.
Irish whiskeyPretty flavorful, took a little of the earthiness off from it, leaving some of the more subtle flavorings.
CiclónI'm normally a sucker for Ciclón, but it tasted even sweeter and smooth. The lime and agave were really heavily accented. Next time I need to try pure rum and pure tequila to see how they're accented by the miraculin.
OrangeWoah. Sweet orange juice. Orange juice with sugar. Sliced that puppy up and devoured it in seconds. Not as amazingly different as lime and lemon, being a naturally sweet fruit already, but still an even more intense flavor than usual.
GrapefruitThis was the main event. People had told me that grapefruit would be the most amazing ambrosia with miraculin, and they weren't kidding. Fantastic. Blissful. All I could ever want from a fruit, and then some. I was expecting grapefruit with sugar, but it was so much more than that. A sweet rich fruity explosion of tangy nirvana. Woah.

I've got plenty of ideas for the next tasting, and for a future flavor tasting party. Well worth trying, if you ever get a chance.

From: [identity profile] lordfeldo.livejournal.com

I have a few tabs left over form my last tasting. Vinegary heavy items were good. Sour candy is interesting.

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

Heheh, that makes sense. Awesome.

I kind of want to try normal foods instead of single ingredients, too. Like a good Italian sub (fatty meats, oil and vinegar, cheese, whatever), a burrito with sour cream and guacamole, etc.

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

Did you get the same kind that ThinkGeek has, or a different brand? If the former, did you go with a full tablet or a half tablet per person?

I didn't try a lot of vinegary things. I've got a few fine balsamic vinegars around here, I should have remembered and sipped one.

Sour patch kids! Yes!

From: [identity profile] lordfeldo.livejournal.com

Same kind, full tab, next time I'm going to add a little moisture and swish it around, I didn't coat the back of my tongue well enough and coated the tip too well.

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

Yeah, same here. I tried to move it around a bit to get the entire tongue based on what I read on the internet, and ended up wasting too much on the tip and roof of my mouth.

From: [identity profile] cetan.livejournal.com

I've been meaning to try this stuff. Thanks for the report!

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

Totally well worth picking it up when you get a chance.

From: [identity profile] quillter.livejournal.com

Yeah I'd read about that, glad to have a first-hand report.

From: [identity profile] violettandblue.livejournal.com

They did an episode of CSI:NY that featured these. Didn't know they came in tablets, though! I definitely have to try them!!!!!!!!

From: [identity profile] kingfox.livejournal.com

CSI:NY? Did a miraculin-fueled orgy leave a hooker in a bathtub or something?

From: [identity profile] violettandblue.livejournal.com


Nope...at a tasting someone put drain cleaner in some girl's drink...since her taste buds were whacked out, she didn't notice anything wrong until she started foaming at the mouth and vomiting blood. Lovely. I believe it was done in revenge over some silly fashion design thing.

From: [identity profile] kikibird.livejournal.com

holy awesome! I didn't know it came as a tablet. I am totally getting some.