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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 01:17 pm)
Gizmodo used a picture of me from [ profile] palingyuan and [ profile] oidhche's Halloween party, when [ profile] jedimentat and I dressed up as tourists for [ profile] whymercy/[ profile] darkhand's Gilligan's Island themed party later on in the evening. They shopped Larry the Cable Guy over [ profile] runstaverun, which would have given the party a different feeling if that had really happened.

And here I thought this would be the most viewed picture from the set.
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:15:05 PM):
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:15:06 PM): ?
[ profile] kingfox (1:15:24 PM): HOLY COW
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:15:51 PM): I wasn't sure if it was really you
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:16:00 PM): where the hell'd they get the picture?
[ profile] kingfox (1:16:15 PM): Read the page.
[ profile] kingfox (1:16:21 PM): It says image via Flickr, and links back to my picture.
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:16:51 PM): I don't think they used your license correctly, as this is a derivative work
[ profile] kingfox (1:18:08 PM): I guess they just looked for the tag "flasher"
[ profile] mrfantasy (1:18:11 PM): I just feel bad for [ profile] runstaverun, really

It's awesome that there's things like to notify all my friends on all my networks what I'm doing, or things like FriendFeed to act as a reverse of that, like Natuba did back before it re-invented itself to absolutely blow.

But I want a for location based things, like Dodgeball (rip), brightkite, and foursquare. Something that, tied into Google Latitude, lets me check in to all those things without having to sit with my BlackBerry for a minute or two at each new venue.

I've got my flying car, where's my location based multi-network service?!?
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( Mar. 18th, 2009 04:02 pm)
Yesterday Blizzard announced two new flavors of Mountain Dew. Yes, Blizzard. World of Warcraft themed Mountain Dew! Halo Game Fuel was such a success, so the world's largest game is giving it a go. Even though I quit drinking it over a year ago, I know I'm going to end up giving these two new flavors a try. Yes, even Alliance Blue.

Pictures of both bottles under the cut. )
Just tried Miracle fruit tabs from ThinkGeek. Holy cow are they amazing. Fantastic. Need to do them again, with people. Need people to come over, with a variety of things to try. LFG 4 flavor party, PST.

LimeThe most amazingly sweet and flavorful limeade you could ever imagine. Yeah, I love limes. My favorite fruit after mangoes. But holy cow, it was like a sweet lime explosion in my mouth.
LemonSimilar to limes. Amazing sweet awesome lemonade. Next time I'll have to mix the two and produce an all-natural Sprite.
Soda breadTasted like... plain old soda bread. Oh well. I mostly purchased it to soak up all the acid I knew I was going to be eating, to avoid the upset stomach that many had reported from ODing on citrus while under miraculin's effects.
GherkinsNothing different. Oh well.
GuinnessImagine a root beer float, made of awesome. I still maintain that Guinness floats taste awesome (I know that's an insulting sacrilege to some people), but this tasted like that - despite the lack of ice cream. Wow.
Irish whiskeyPretty flavorful, took a little of the earthiness off from it, leaving some of the more subtle flavorings.
CiclónI'm normally a sucker for Ciclón, but it tasted even sweeter and smooth. The lime and agave were really heavily accented. Next time I need to try pure rum and pure tequila to see how they're accented by the miraculin.
OrangeWoah. Sweet orange juice. Orange juice with sugar. Sliced that puppy up and devoured it in seconds. Not as amazingly different as lime and lemon, being a naturally sweet fruit already, but still an even more intense flavor than usual.
GrapefruitThis was the main event. People had told me that grapefruit would be the most amazing ambrosia with miraculin, and they weren't kidding. Fantastic. Blissful. All I could ever want from a fruit, and then some. I was expecting grapefruit with sugar, but it was so much more than that. A sweet rich fruity explosion of tangy nirvana. Woah.

I've got plenty of ideas for the next tasting, and for a future flavor tasting party. Well worth trying, if you ever get a chance.
[ profile] agent179 is a regular at Drip, a local coffee establishment in downtown Madison. He's friendly with all of the employees there, and has even gotten [ profile] windexcowboy to make it part of his morning ritual as well.

He's even Facebook friends with the employees there, which leads to a modern web 2.0 version of the daily specials from the local restaurant being faxed to your office (I'm amazed a lot of places still do that). They just wrote the daily specials on his wall a few minutes ago.
Seb Jones wrote at 11:13am
todays soup is mediterranean chicken the sandwhiches are a roast pork with cabbage slaw on foccacia, we alsohave an olive cream cheese cucumber red pepper fennel and sunflower seeds on whole grain
Now that's service. If only local Hoboken eateries offered the same. Now that Rue de Jardin is no more, [ profile] petemagyar and I are reduced to coffee from Empire, which doesn't even offer the best crepes in town, let alone fantastic goat cheese sandwiches which make you believe in a supreme being.

I approve of this sustainable "green" lunch menu dissemination. Twitter, Facebook wall write, Dodgeball shout-out, whatever.
Thank you so much, [ profile] towelboy, for posting these. [ profile] petemagyar and I have been cracking up at them tonight.

Fabulous Confabulations - S1E02 - APATHY AT DREW from on Vimeo.

Fabulous Confabulations - S1E04 - SGA from on Vimeo.

Yeah. It comes in determined or happy.

Yeah. Don't forget the coffee, the heroin, and the racist cookie.

The CNN live feed with Facebook is pretty awesome, I have to say.

Sure, I've experienced similar major events on a MOO, using IRC, or in an IM chat room. But this is pretty awesome. Particularly the explosion as he was sworn in. My Facebook and Twitter Firefox plugins caused a flurry of toaster style notifications, all at the same time. That was pretty cool.

EDIT: Hey [ profile] runstaverun, there's a perfect LJ community for you that might just save your life: [ profile] can_i_eat_this.
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 08:40 pm)
My 31st trip around the sun. Thanks for the IMs, emails, calls, Facebook wall writings, etc. I feel the love.

Now all I want for my birthday is:
  • To have Malaysian yet again today.
  • To get some more T7.5, finish off exalted with Sons of Hodir, and get the last 1.8k gold I need for the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
  • To get an engineering teleporter to K3, and where are my wormholes?
  • To get a replacement for Dodgeball. WTF, Google? Now I'll have to actually call [ profile] mingtm when I'm in the city, and email [ profile] runstaverun to harass him when we're out drinking together.
  • A perfect margarita
Time to get started on some of those.

Last night [ profile] jedimentat called me shortly after midnight, staying up late to wish me a happy birthday despite having to get up before the sun for work. As I was on the phone with her, [ profile] graye mentioned to my guild that it was my birthday. They joked about singing, people gave me cupcakes and the like, and so forth. After getting off the phone a call or two after [ profile] jedimentat (who was first, if you don't count people on Facebook who didn't wait for midnight and bizarre companies who emailed me before midnight as if based out of Europe or Newfoundland), they asked that I answer future calls with my mic open, so they could laugh at 'em. But no more came, so they lived without it.

Plans for this year's annual party (a joint affair for [ profile] petemagyar and I) are made. If you're not on Facebook and didn't get contacted by me, harass me, and notice my face burning with shame. I'll hook you up with the details. [ profile] jedimentat's throwing me a smaller romp through the city this Saturday night, and there will be events for her birthday (a week from today) as well.

Insert usual excuse about not updating more often here.

And I leave you with a picture of my nephew. My nephew's cuter than your nephew/niece/little cousin/child/young friend/whatever.
It's not surprising, as the former was eighty and the later was eighty-eight, but Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban both passed away today. Many hours spent watching the television work of both. Damn.
2007 in photographs can be found back here.

In chronological order, 2008 in pictures, under the cut. When no one is left using dial-up, what will be the snotty comment about large pages hurting the bandwidth challenged? Anyway, here was 2008:

Lots and lots and lots of pictures: )

Seeing Iron Maiden a few times, Maine, graduating college, my surprise graduation party, both of our birthday parties, both of our cars hitting 100k, the election, it was a busy year! Lots of good times were had.

Have a happy new year, folks!
Like last year, the year before, and the year before that, first line from the first post of each month.

  • January: Wednesday I returned to work, but yesterday was my first work lunch with a number of people who took the first day back off.
  • February: Last night was the first time I'd seen LOST "live", the first time I'd had to deal with commercials, and obviously the first time I didn't have to avoid LJ or the like.
  • March: "I tried to piss all the gross stuff of the seat for you."
  • April: BSG, Scrubs, The Office, and LOST spoilers - beware!
  • May: As you know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I'm graduating from Drew in eight days.
  • June: I am wearing a Batman Band-Aid® on my hand.
  • July: [ profile] jedimentat is so dorky, she used play Greyhawk.
  • August: Most amazing thing I've ever seen.
  • September: What do you do when your name matches someone in the news?
  • October: For a while now, I've done LJ polls soliciting anonymous comments before taking a flight.
  • November: Last minute costume after getting the Survival Edition of Fallout 3 - Vault-Tec jumpsuit!
  • December: Last night, while the technology employee post office was being migrated from Netware to Linux, I was joking about RMS with [ profile] agent179.
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( Dec. 30th, 2008 04:09 pm)
I suck at updating. As usual for the past year or so, just read [ profile] jedimentat's LJ (post one and post two) or view my recent uploads on Flickr. Lately I've just been really out of it. Two illnesses, spending lots of time with the girlfriend's family, raiding new content, games I've been waiting years for, transitioning into a new position at work, family in town, and Felicia Day to drool over all suck up a lot of time. So view the photos, and make up your own story to connect them all together.

Or if your imagination sucks, here's a few photographic highlights... )

And that's that!
Last night, while the technology employee post office was being migrated from Netware to Linux, I was joking about RMS with [ profile] agent179. While trying to find pictures of him playing the recorder, I came across a classic shot of him... and his shirt looked a bit too familiar.


Compare that shirt to this one.

[Poll #1312265]
Hey [ profile] redvector, two people are already in line. This could have been us.
Voted this morning. Went to work. Watched everyone freak out about it all day long. Heard from friends elsewhere that jack shit was getting done in their offices as everyone sat on their hands. Heard the theories, the confident, and the nervous.

Headed off to the city for some mouth-kickin' sweat-inducing Chinese with [ profile] dasubergeek. After dinner we walked to Rockefeller Center, and watched the results come in with thousands of patiently waiting tourists and New Yorkers. When he crept past 270, the crowd exploded. Chanting, cheering, and celebration filled the crowd.

We fought our way past the crowd to get a drink at a nearby bar, where [ profile] dasubergeek looked up California proposition results and shared them with two fellow Californians. We parted ways, and I headed down into Times Square. Thousands of people filled Star Junction, cheering and chanting and going nuts. A fire truck played "Yes we can" on its horn. Cops hugged each other. People formed conga lines. It was fucking nutty.

Took a lot of pictures and videos, and now I'm on my way home. The PATH station is full of celebrations. In writing this I was asked for a bottle opener and offered a couple of drinks.

Now, to try and not wake up a sleeping [ profile] jedimentat.
My Pip-Boy 3000 didn't adjust for DST! If Black Isle Studios had done it, clearly it would have.

This day? The day of more sleep? The best day of the year. Better than my birthday, Halloween, New Year's Eve, Christmas, and all the rest.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 01:18 am)

Originally uploaded by Kingfox
Last minute costume after getting the Survival Edition of Fallout 3 - Vault-Tec jumpsuit!

Called [ profile] graye to confirm which number should go on the back. 13, 69, or 101? He insisted I go with 13, which I did.
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( Oct. 31st, 2008 03:14 pm)
Discussed the game with the two students working the helpdesk while nabbing a donut. One joked that he'd ask where I was, but it being an open ended game, that wouldn't matter. But despite it being an open ended game, we realized we were all on the same exact side quest, and on the same step of the same side quest.

That being said, it's fun. Expected it to be a bit bigger, but I'm used to the scope of the past two four three. Combat's fun, not at all what I feared. The FPS-ish post-apocalyptic feel has me thinking I'm playing Half-Life 3 more often than Fallout 3, but that's just a mental association with theme and stylization. So far, having only played it for an evening, I dig.